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Vomit Hill

Stone GliderStone Glider Posts: 1,227
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The next village to me has a short but steep lane running down to a large industrial estate where I first practiced riding my bike. When I started I would return via the lane, which is a bridleway, struggle up as far as I could and walk the rest. Over time I beat it and as my cycling extended, I haven't ridden it often in recent years. Each time I tried it was a major effort with a few grunts involved.

Anyhoo, on the way back from a gentle pootle I realised that I could include it in the route. This time I would try to 'soft pedal/glass crank' my way up. To my surprise I climbed with no trouble at all :? The hill is no less steep and my prowess has not multiplied, so what was I doing right?
The older I get the faster I was


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