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flexing forks

Bigun6767Bigun6767 Posts: 81
edited October 2011 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys, hope you can help me.
About 3 months ago i replaced my old full suspension bike (saracen arachnid) with a hardtail (a Merida matts 40 D) purchased from Merlin cycles.
Although i am extremely pleased with it there is one low point--the forks!
The forks fitted are RST GILA ML. They are a little firmer than the Suntour XCR's fitted to my previous bike but with the front brake applied the right hand stancion moves quite a bit and causes the wheel to deflect :( I am reluctant to attempt any decent trails at the moment because of this.I have heard lots of complaints about these forks.
I am on a very limited budget at the moment and was wondering whether the new 2011 suntour XCM's with remote lock out are better than the RST's?....Untill i can save up to replace with either Rock Shox,Marzoccchi or X-Fusion.


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