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Three things I learnt this morning...

BigSoyBigSoy Posts: 14
edited October 2011 in Road beginners
Being pretty much a completely noob I am still at the learning something new every time I go out on the bike... today's lessons included:

1. Shorts with chamois really are meant to be worn commando - hadn't quite got my head around this before but am convinced now - think the trick is a few wash/ride cycles to break in that chamois - much better than the first time I tried that strategy.

2. Clipless pedals are awesome - definitely contributes to the zen experience not having to think about annoying toe clips etc or keeping your feet straight - just pedal and it all just works. Didn't wipe out either yet which is a bonus :lol:

3. At this stage, my legs just about have 50 miles in them - although they're still happy to kick up a real fuss when faced with a steep incline.

And the fourth thing I'm going to learn tomorrow....

4. 50 miles is definitely enough to make my legs ache!

Good fun, couple more runs like that and I might get round to braving a club run.


  • EarlyGoEarlyGo Posts: 281

    Good job that man! Clipless pedals are a must, but you will sooner or later forget to unclip at a junction ... honest, you will!


  • Fantastic!

    Sounds like you have had a pretty similar experience to me! I think i may be about 4 weeks ahead of you though! I bought my bike at the end of Sept!

    I was a reasonable level of fitness before i started, if you share a similar experience to me you will quickly notice an increased level of competence up the hills! (although i still have a long way to go!)
  • BigSoyBigSoy Posts: 14
    cadseen wrote:
    I thought Chamios went out of favour years ago.
    I assume you mean the synthetic type ?

    Well yes I'm still a relatively young buck, or like to pretend at least, so real chamios well before my time! :lol:
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