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How to spend insurance money?

fungus_the_muffin_manfungus_the_muffin_man Posts: 1,608
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I got hit by a car last feb and as a result I'll be getting some insurance money ( £1500 of it to be used on a new bike sale) coming in. I was going to replace my carbon roadbike which was totalled in the crash and get a new bike. Now after seeing a yeti 575 frame in the sales I was wondering whether to get that and transfer all the kit over from my Kona Cadabra. Then sell the Kona frame and shock on ebay.

I'd be transferring
fox 34rlc fork
mavic crossride wheelset
Slx chainset
shimano m575 brakes

What you reckon. Is it worth going for a frame swap and transferring the gear across or maybe even sell the fork as well to fund a bigger fork on to it? And if so which fork would you choose?

Of course the other option is to keep the Cadabra and buy a new road bike
Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
I RIDE A KONA CADABRA -would you like to come and have a play with my magic link?
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