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domc21domc21 Posts: 86
edited November 2011 in Road beginners
just getting back into cycling and wanting to replace my Scott MTB with a new road bike.....

I really like the Cube bikes and i'm toying between a peleton or weather to bite the bullet and get an agree pro....

i just dont know if spending the extra 300 quid is worth it..... i do love the pro though!

hello btw i'm new


  • DHTTDHTT Posts: 345
    If you get into it you will be lusting after the Pro after a couple of months and might end up regretting not getting it, however if you go for the Peloton you could always ride it till next summer then possibly get a Summer Bike and retire it to Winter bike status.
  • I was in a similar situation last year. Was torn between getting a Cube Streamer or an Agree SL. There was only about €150 -200 in the difference so I opted for the Agree SL. Basically thought about how much it would cost me to upgrade the components of the Streamer to match the spec of the Agree (not that I was going to do that but just as a guide), not surprisingly the price difference in spec was much more that the extra money it would cost to get the Agree so I opted for the Agree and am delighted I did. As DHTT said, you'll only be thinking of getting the Agree in a few months so if you can afford it then go for it.
  • tompotompo Posts: 30
    There are plenty of bargain 2011 Cubes about.

    I've just bought a 2011 Agree GTC Pro Compact from Bikester, who have other models as well. ... gtc-pro-ul

    I paid £1250 including delivery.

    Bikester are a German company but bike was ordered last Wednesday and delivered this Monday. Can't argue with that.

    Only downside is that as bike was shipped from Germany then brakes are opposite way to UK. Not an issue and easy to swap over. I was planning on replacing bar tape any way
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