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Tyre width

Phil_DPhil_D Posts: 467
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After the umpteenth punture on my way into work, I'm spending some money on some decent tyres instead of the Rubbish Rubinos I have been using this year (I rely on my tyres to look on the road and move or jump when they see shards of glass and thorns).

I have decided to go for the Durano plus. The question I have is about width. My current tyres are 23 and I have not had any problems with them, but I have been offered 23, 25 or 28 in the Duranos. The cheapest by a few quid is the 28. Half a cm looks a lot on a ruler but does it make all that much difference when you're cycling?

I have searched the forum but not had any luck finding any similar threads.


  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    I found it felt odd going from a 23 to a 25 but I was also changing brands of tyres so it could have been grip characteristics as much as width. I suspect you'll notice a difference but find that 2 weeks on you're used to it and don't care any more.

    Personally I'd leave the 28s to touring bikes with panniers and get the 25s as winter tyres.
  • If you want a good tyre for puncture protection try Continetal Gatorskins I had a set on my hybrid and got 3,700 miles out of them without a punture. I never had to steer around glass with them on.

    When they wore out I cut the sidewalls off them and lined my Maxxis standard tyres with them and am puncture free for another 2,200 miles. I had 700c 28 on my Boardman hybid I wouldn't go that wide for a road bike.
  • godders1godders1 Posts: 750
    I'm pretty sure the 28s have a wire bead and so as well as being a bit wider are a fair bit heavier too (the 23 and 25 are folding tyres).

    I'd go for 25.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    A 25mm tyre has about 30% increased volume over a 23 and therefore will offer a big improvement in terms of comfort, grip and often puncture resistance with negligible downside The only reason we ride 23mm on the road is purely tradition on the misjudged notion that skinnier tyres are faster - Laurent Fignon started riding 23s in the early 80 when tradition was 20mm. Tyre company's own research demonstrates that wider tyres are quicker for the same construction and pressure - aerodynamics is insignificant.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Phil_DPhil_D Posts: 467
    It sounds like 25 is the way forward. I had some gatorskins and they also got punctures. I guess I'm just a clumsy oaf and the people of manchester keep leaving smashed galss on the roads.
  • you might also struggle with frame clearance with a 28.
  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    My winter trainer has 28's and I really like them. More comfort and grip for very little extra drag and I don't worry about the weight increase during the winter as it makes my summer tyres seem even faster.
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