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How to get the resistance to work on Cycleops Mag + trainer

MaireadMairead Posts: 2
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I am just recovering from a back operation so cycling in the cold was not something I was looking forward to so I bought myself a Cyceops Mag + trainer with shifter. It works really well and is pretty quiet - I have smooth tires. The only thing is I can't seem to get difference resistance levels from the shifter - there are supposed to be 5. I can only get them from gear changes. The shifter does shorten the cable to the resistance unit at the back but it seems to have no real effect. I have looked at the instruction videos and the leaflets but nothing in there on resistance and the customer service help function on cycleops website doesn't seem to work. Any tips?


  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    If you think there's an issue with the trainer then you need to get in touch with Paligap the UK importer. Their customer service is excellent in my limited experience :)
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