Sick of Videos NEVER working

lucasf09 Posts: 160
I really like this site, and cycling plus that goes along it, and in general I have no complaints.
However, I do find VERY frustrating that the videos never seem to load properly.
I use the site with chrome, but have tried firefox and the same thing happens, so I don't think it is the browser.
What I find is that the videos 19 times out of 20 will get stuck at some point in the viewing (I have a relatively high bandwidth, so don't generally find any buffering issues). I wait for the video to buffer, or whatever it is, and even pause it as that normally helps. When I press play again the video reloads from the beginning, ads and all, just to get stuck pretty much in the same place, if not a few seconds earlier. I have tried not pausing it and waiting, but that doesn't help either, as the video never carries on loading.
I'm not sure what the problem is, but it is starting to put me off the site as whole!!!!!!


  • josnor
    josnor Posts: 207
    Hi Lucas,

    Sorry you're having problems. Can you let me know where you're viewing them from, and I'll raise this with our video guys.


  • lucasf09
    lucasf09 Posts: 160
    I am viewing from Oxford, UK
  • josnor
    josnor Posts: 207
    Oh and also, what OS you're using (e.g. Windows 7, Mac OS 10.5, Ubuntu 11.10 etc.), the version of Flash you're using, and the version of the browsers you're using.
  • lucasf09
    lucasf09 Posts: 160
    OS: windows vista, but also tried on windows 7 to same effect.
    Browser: Chrome 14.0.835.202 m (latest one)
    Flash: WIN 11,0,1,152 (but again have tried with previous versions with same effect).

    I have tried running the videos on my Andoid phone as well (which runs chrome based browser), and have had this problem ever since I started using this site, which must have been around June-July 2010, though admittedly the volume of videos has increased since around the TDF 2011.
    It is hit and miss if the videos works or not, I sometimes manage to watch something full through first time, sometimes try 5 times and don't get past 20 seconds, it seems fairly random to me when it works and when it doesn't, but it is subcutaneously more times that it doesn't work than the times it does.
  • 77ric
    77ric Posts: 601
    been having the same issue with the videos here too.

    OS Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7
    Browsers Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

    I believe the issue to be with brightcove as i have the same or very similar issue else where.
    Fancy a brew?