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I ride a Specialised Tricoss Sport having returned to cycling after a significant break (family). I am 6'2" and my weight is down to 97kg (from 106) - aided by my 3 days a week commute. My aim is 85-90kg. I am not the best when the road starts to go upwards (don't mention Brockley Hill).

Anyway, as an incentive to reach my goals I will treat myself to some new wheels - I am not keen on the supplied CXP22 on Specialised hubs.

When, if ever, will I be able to ride Ksyrium Elites? Should I lower my sights to Cosmic Elites, stick with the CXP22s or consider something else?
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  • The CXP 22 are excellent rims.
    Not sure the wheels you mention would make a significant difference to your cycling, especially on a cyclocross bike
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    The CXP 22 is a decent rim, but the quality of the wheel build may have a significant impact on the durability and feel of the wheels, particularly as you strive to reduce weight. I'd suggest you get your LBS to look at your current wheels to make sure they are tensioned correctly (many aren't) and continue to use them throughout the winter. Hopefully, come spring you can then look forward to some new, lighter wheels but perhaps look at some decent handbuilds from the likes of Wheelsmith or Harry Rowland? Not discounting the Mavic wheels, but with their lower spoke count they might not be as robust, particularly if venturing off-road. Also suggest you stick to a 28mm tyre minimum for road riding rather than risk imact punctures on skinnier tyres.
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