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Whatever next?

mingmongmingmong Posts: 542
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  • I love midgets, I love robots, I love bikes. That was great.
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  • DavidBelcherDavidBelcher Posts: 2,684
    I eagerly await the CX version with added dismount, shoulder and run functions. ;)

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  • I can't remember why but I was wondering a while ago whether anybody had designed a robot that could ride a bike. And there's my answer! Brilliant.

    Starting off looks perilous. It looks a bit like the initial rapid turning of the handlebars is more like a kind of oscillation than an ultra-fast set of rebalancing turns. Could a deliberate ''wobble'' create stability?
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    That's ACE !!! I want one !!

    A 360 spin out of the flowerbed at the end would have been a nice finish though :lol:
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  • do you think his electronics will interfere when they install Di2?
  • Program an attitude, stick on a helmet cam and set him off into traffic. He'll blend in nicely once he's grown up a bit.
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