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Anyone doing the Exmoor Beast this weekend?

YeoerYeoer Posts: 45
The subject pretty much says it all... just wondered if any of you guys were doing the Beast, weather looks to be ok for my first 100 miler. :)
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  • I've paid up for it but I fell of MTB last week and hurt (broken?) a rib so I'll have to sit it out. If the weather is good it ought to be spectacular - Exmoor always looks better in the sun!

    All the best to those doing it...
  • I done it last year ,it certanly is a great route. Matt
  • markp2markp2 Posts: 162
    I'll be there for my 4th go. Nice route although I only do the 100k.
    See you there,
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  • mustolmustol Posts: 134
    After a frustrating 1st year of cycling (battling against a long-term back problem - gradually getter better with a lot of treatment and work in the gym), I'm looking forward to doing the 100k event on Sunday - I think 100M would have been pushing my luck at this stage! Weather forecast looking uncertain, so will be prepared for all sorts. Just hope everyone has a good ride and gets to the end safely. See you all for a glass of Beast at the finish line! :lol:
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    My advice would be to look out for the first climb out of Luccombe as it seems to catch a lot of folks out. After going through the village there is a sharp left hander and if you are not in your lowest chainring just prior to taking the corner you risk stalling fairly quickly.

    Enjoy the ride, weather looks fantastic for once, sure, there will be a breeze but there always is on Exmoor.

    Oh, the small ford is doable as the depth of water is usually minimal and the stone is not as slippy and treacherous as some fords (definitely recommend unclipping though) but there is a small footbridge if you err on the side of caution.
  • Completed the 100 km. My first attempt at the beast. Only came off once!!! First cattle grid. Thought I had enough speed / traction to get over - but oh so wrong. Thanks to the chap who unpealed me from the cattle grid. Still managed to get category 'A' despite fall. There's life in the fat bloke yet!
  • mustolmustol Posts: 134
    Didn't even try the first cattle grid, too steep, too wet. But then had problem of clipping back in on wet steep slope without spinning wheel, then once I got going, some numpty, ignoring all the advice to keep to left if walking your bike up, stayed on the right, forcing me into the leaves in the gutter, resulting in a minor fall. Enjoyed ride after that, even with the foul weather for the first 2 hours. Cat B time, which I was pretty pleased with after the year I've had. Already entered into Dartmoor Classic, which will be my first 100 miler - already 1800 entries!!!
  • hi All

    We are going to ensure we cover and marshall the cattle grids next year.

    Come and do the Exmoor Beauty though!!! Great training for the Dartmoor Classic
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