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We've had the toddlebike for about a month now.
Natalie took to it straight away indoors and within a couple of days she was outside scooting down the drive with her feet up. As soon as she saw the toddlebike on the first morning she named it "My Bike" and thats what its been known as ever since.
I was surprised when I first saw it as it looks like it is made of lego, but it has proved to be durable as my 7 year old daughter likes to sit on it , as well as being lightwight. Natalie is tall for her age and the bike does look a little small underneath her. I know that you are marketing the bike for up to age 3 but I feel that Natalie won't be on it much longer before her knees are scraping on the floor. In fact today she has been outside on it again and kept kicking the back wheels which caused them to lock up momenterily. Natalie does have a scuttlebug which is slightly higher in the seat but she is better at steering the toddlebike.
I think the price is reasonable for the bike but I did expect it to arrive in a box not wrapped in bubble wrap and a bit of plastic bag.
Many thanks for the offer of trialling this product.[/img]


  • Thanks Natalie, and Brayster. As requested photos to follow:

    We have looked at other packaging options such as boxes but not only is the cost of the box itself an issue, but it puts the package over its current postage threshold so rather than the £3.95 current postage rate it would be more like £10 which seems a bit steep as we really want to keep costs to famililes as low as possible. Do you think offering an option of a box for an additional £6 would be a good idea?

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