Giant carbon frame

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Been after a carbon frame for a while under 1k. Quite like the Argon 18 gallium pro (bit over budget) but just spotted this which seems like a good buy?

Is this frame any good or is it bottom end in terms of Giant carbon frames?

Cheers :wink:


  • Monty Dog
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    Giant have a good reputation for their carbon frames as they are one of the biggest volume producers - they do subcontract manufacture for many others too, who'd rather you didn't know. The TCR Advanced was their pro-spec frame about 3 years ago so I doubt you'll find it wanting.
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  • mattoo
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    Thanks Monty...seems like a good deal for £750...think I might go for it (but won't tell the wife!!)
  • maddog 2
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    I have one and they are a good frame. Check your size as Large is indeed large. I'm 5'11 and run a M/L.

    750 is a good price for a new frame, definitely. Cheapest I've seen new was closer to a grand plus.
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  • mattoo
    mattoo Posts: 27
    I think it will be too big then as I'm 5'10. Prob a Medium for me. Nevermind, will keep an eye out for another one! I do like the ISP ones too but worry about cutting it too short!!

    Thanks for your help.