Strange punctures..

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I've had 3 puntures in as many weeks. The strange thing is that it's been when I have been going to get on the bike the tyre has been dead flat.

The bike is fixed gear and I have been doing the usual skids etc.. Not that that should affect it.

The tyres I am using are Specialized armadillo with continental long valve inner tube. The rims are Weinnman DP18. When I removed the last inner tube, I checked where the puncture was and it seemed to be about an inch to the side of the valve.

Could it just be a dodgy batch of inner tubes?

I tend to pump the tyres up to around 110psi.

Any help much appreciated.


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    You need to identify what's causing the punctures. Where on the tube (same place, different, outer, side or inner surface), and make sure you've removed the cause (assuming it's a "puncture" rather than some other form of deflation - like a split, dodgy valve etc). To my mind, unless you've found the cause of a puncture, you're opening yourself up to exactly the same thing happening again. On some of these tougher tyres, a pieceof glass or similar can just work its way into the carcass and "hide". Once you've found the hole on the inner, line it up with the outer (assuming it's not caused by the wheel) to find the culprit. Good luck
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    what he said

    check your rim tape, is it sitting correctly covering your spoke nipples?

    what type of hole is in the tube? is it two small holes together if so this is a snake bite
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