Doing your bit to help out UK plc?

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Sometime ago I had to laff off an encounter with the Tax Credit people... had been unemployed but some bright spark in the benefits office suggested tax credits via partner's meagre wages.... all well and good, one does not fib on the forms and one declares true income at appropriate times etc.
All the tax credits that were paid by some indecipherable calculation are in the process of being repaid by me until March 2015, yes 2015, as the good clerks of HMRC have declared all monies to have been an overpayment.( It was 2013, but another demand landed on doorstep last week, so had to sort it all out again)
Of course, am back in work and have been for a while so I am issuing a notice of thanks for the 'loan' which was useful at the time.
I feel it is my citizen duty to feel pleased that I can, in addition to paye and ni, top up the country's coffers in this small way.
Pass me an obe, please.