Kids cycling short recommendations

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I know theoretically this could go in the family section but quite a few of you are parents it seems so I hope you'll have some advice.

My god-daughter (aged 7) is doing quite a bit of cycling with her mum and managed 12.5 miles at the weekend with not too much in the way of whingeing. What whingeing there was, was all about her sore bum. So her mum asked me about cycling shorts for kids.

I am not sure she'd be up for the lycra look - she's quite a girly girl - are there cute pink shorts with padding for girls? She's a v.skinny 7 year old so wears clothes a few sizes younger.

Or are there reasonable lycra ones she could wear underneath? Any advice on brands etc would be appreciated.

EDIT - I have googled this - of course - but not sure how the sizing works. Something marked 5-7 seems mad to me as there can be a height difference of over a foot.


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    Try Decathlon.

    My daughter wears their basic black tights with no complaints. She also wears an XS in the women's shirt but with a long sleeve top underneath as the v neck is a bit too deep to be suitable,

    Is 12.5 mile not a bit far for a 7 year old?
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  • Thanks TWH. I will point her mum in that direction.

    Frankly I was astonished by 12.5 miles but I'd done 8 miles in an afternoon with her with no trouble so they decided to go for a day out and have a lunch and all that and make it 12. Average speed of 10mph I'm told (I know, I know, proud parenting and she's not even my child!).
  • Try Decathlon.

    +1, my 8 year old wears a pair from Decathlon. She moans about how they look when she stands and looks in the mirror but she knows it makes sense when she's on the bike.

    I took her out for a ride Saturday, she done 7 miles while I ran alongside, perfect for both of us. She's been gagging for a bike with 24" wheels and gears and today I bought one from a colleague, great condition. Only trouble is I now need to drive to work tomorrow to bring it home. Grrr.
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    Is 12.5 mile not a bit far for a 7 year old?

    My mate's kid was 7 did about 10 miles return of the Camel Trail in Cornwall. Railway track converted to cycle path, so pretty flat but I was still impressed with a 7 year old doing 20 miles.

    When I did the Dunwich Dynamo last year there was a group of youngsters (12-14 I think) who rode the 112 miles plus (and faster than me, I think).

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