NArrowed down to 3 potential bikes :)

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now help me decide

im edging towards the TRIBAN 3 but still not sure

Halcyon Cadiz Racing ... c7599bc2ac


Viking Torino SP Road Bike 2011 ... -Bike.html

which has the best specs complete bike noob


  • akcc05
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    They all look like good value and good quality entry level bikes. You are probably aware of this already but the b'twin has a triple crankset which should get you up any hill, it also has a carbon fork which is always a plus. The other two both have a bottom gear of 39/25 which may or may not be low enough for you.
  • giant_man
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    Shouldn't this be in the Beginners section?
    with this budget I would advise you to buy secondhand - see what is in the back of Cycling Weekly etc - you will get a much better bike for your dosh than these, which whilst new, you will quickly want to upgrade if you find cycling is for you
  • prawny
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    I'd go b'twin out of those 3.
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  • TRIBAN 3 it is then :) i only hear positive things about the bike apart from it being a bit weighty
    if you havent jumped yet - check this out
    there is no connection to me just seems like a better bike for your £