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what is better xbox or playstation

Thebikeman24/7Thebikeman24/7 Posts: 5
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what do you think is better

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  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    I have an Xbox at the moment - but am a PS man from the original PS - I'd rather have a PS3 but I have never used one so cant make any real comparison!
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  • ps3's are quite good and proberbly would have one but way to expensive proberbly gunna get one soon tho
  • Simple answer - they are both good.

    Both have their own strengths & weaknesses and you will always get fanboys from both factions who claim one is vastly superior to the other but at the end of the day, is one really that much better than the other?
  • fenboy369fenboy369 Posts: 425
    When speaking to a chappie in a games shop he said that Playstation is a better console for stand alone games, and xbox 360 is better for online play. A good mate of mine is always moaning about the Playstation network being down and/or being hacked. He plays MW2 online a lot and says its a right PITA. Another good mate has both consoles, and we done a straight comparison between MW2 on each console. There is no difference we could see. I've got a 360, and find the xbox Live thing to be brilliant. No problems at all.
    I suppose it comes down to if you are happy to fork out 30 odd quid a year for xbox Live Gold membership to play online. Playstation online is free but has 'issuses'. Kinect is ace and doenst look like some form of censored like a PS3 Move controller......
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  • bails87bails87 Posts: 13,317
    I like my PS3, but I've played on mates' Xboxes and there's no real difference.

    They're both fine. People always say that the PS3 network is rubbish, but apart from that spell a while ago (some kind of hacking attack that took it down for over a week, they gave away 2 games as compensation) it's been fine. Certainly nothing that's made me think "I wish I was paying more for something different". And having played online on Xboxes, there's nothing that immediately jumped out as a 'game changer'.

    My PS3 links to my PC and plays my music and video files from it, it gets on demand TV from iPlayer, 4OD and ITV, it can be linked to a Lovefilm account. I think the Xbox can be used for SkyAnytime though.
    You can buy an extra lump of electronics (technical term) which lets you use the PS3 as a DVR for digital TV.
    All that stuff might exist for the Xbox, I don't know as I haven't got one but if I had the choice, there's no reason why I wouldn't pick a PS3 again

    Edit: Ah yes, as above, Kinect is good, assuming your room is big enough and your skin isn't too dark, but the PSMove thing looks awful. I haven't used either for any length of time as they're not the kind of games I play.

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  • I have an xbox and its bob on for online gaming but i would quite like a ps3 for the internet browsing and streaming capabilities and also the blu ray player built in is a good addition too. the only gripe i have with consoles, any console, is the cost of games, its such a bloody rip off :evil: .
  • projectsomeprojectsome Posts: 4,478
    what do you think is better

    I don't care...

    Most of the games are on both consoles anyway....
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    I tried Pong when it first came out, was rubbish and couldn't be bothered since.
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  • I have a 360 and love the Online play, also feel the pad is comfier now. Also I really enjoy the Fable Series and Gears which are exclusives. If i can afford both I'd have both. But to be honest i got the 360 because my mates play online with the 360 as opposed to the PS3.

    Either one you pick is a great console.
  • gilesjukgilesjuk Posts: 340
    From a technical perspective the PS3 wins. It has more maths calculation units and probably the most frequently updated blu-ray player (in terms of features).

    But games developers are lazy (well, they don't get enough time or money to do the best sometimes) and writing games that can take advantage of so many parallel calculations is complex. The XBox 360 has a familiar development environment to those who have developed PC games.

    Other considerations, PS3 online play is free, XBox online play is a subscription service. However Sony have had downtime and it has been hacked.

    If blu-ray is important then it has to be PS3. If blu-ray isn't important then XBox.

    The PS3 is generally a more reliable piece of hardware, although it probably isn't so bad with the latest redesigned XBox.
  • I bought a PS3 in 2008, just over 2 years later, guess what? It broke, repaired for £80 (faulty laser), a few months later it broke again.... £150 quote to fix, I was like no f'ing way....

    In total, thats £350 to buy a 40GB version... then £80 to fix the laser after 2 years, then a potential £150 to fix it again.... When something else will just break.

    Just so happens around the same time mine broke Sony released a "redesigned" version that they should be made to give to every poor soul that bought one of their "sh!tty" early versions... Just google PS3 laser broke, or PS3 red light of death, or PS3 yellow light of death.... You'll get millions of results, that's how censored they are.

    As for xBox, well its made by Microsoft and you have to pay to play on-line... what a joke!
  • surreyxcsurreyxc Posts: 293
    whats better than a PS or Xbox?

    Hmmm: anything, everything, real life.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    surreyxc wrote:
    whats better than a PS or Xbox?

    Hmmm: anything, everything, real life.
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