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which Body armor

con1924con1924 Posts: 89
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Which body armor would people recommend for £65?
Its many for my back, shoulders and kidney area ,as that is wear i tend to land on in crashes.
I have been looking at the 661 Assault Pressure Suit 2011 , and Thor Quadrant S9 Roost Guard 2012 , from chainreactioncycles. Oh and i don't want them to get me to hot in summer. Any help in a decision please? Thanks


  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    I have used both pressure suits and over armour, both have advantages....the pressure suits fit well and offer great protection though can get a bit warm, over armour can be a bit restrictive though are easy to take off on your push ups....

    Also take a look at IXS vests, and No Fear, as some can be unzipped again keeping you cool.
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  • con1924con1924 Posts: 89
    oks , thanks :) so maybe the ixs hammer jacket or vest then
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