Toddlebike Bike Radar Trial Results - Cai, 23 month boy

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Cai is 23 months with a lively, outgoing personality. He loves to play outside no matter the weather and is always full of energy. His favourite toys are his smart trike, play figures and football.

Our Toddlebike arrived within days and everything was intact. The packaging was basic and because of the packaging we knew exactly what had arrived.

The Toddlebike was very colourful and weight wise perfect as it is so light to carry around. We were very surprised at how small it was though, it seemed far too small for Cai who is just above average height for his age and there are a few concerns it won’t last him until he is 3 which is I believe the maximum age. Materials are great as it doesn’t seem flimsy at all though I do have a few concerns over the patterned back of the handlebars as Cai has caught little fingers in them a few times which has caused a few tears, maybe smooth all over handlebars would be an idea? As far as Cai is concerned it is his current #1 toy, he snatched it from me as soon as the package was off and has refused to give it to me since.

Speaking to my neighbours who have children 3 months older and younger than Cai (all of whom are keen bikers) they say the concept is great but not sure about paying the full price for it, even though the bike is sturdy I feel that £20 inc P&P would be good value for money.

Have seen plenty of balance bikes which are similar, though most are wooden. However have not seen any with 4 wheels which gives that extra bit of stability.

Initially indoors but as we live along the beach after an hour at home we went for a test ride down the beach. He didn’t need any help at all but did start off sitting in front of the seat, after a little encouragement he got the idea very quick and was quickly whizzing around. Since his confidence grew so quick I took him out on it the same day.

The Toddlebike wears him out pretty well and the more he goes on it the faster he goes which seems to have improved his balance, there are definitely less falls going around sharper corners now than a couple of weeks ago. His steering has gotten much better too, he co-ordinates really well especially around my parents house which is full of twists and turns. Confidence wise there is no stopping him on it anymore he reaches some frightening speeds and especially loves putting his feet up and rolling down steep inclines.

We have been out in every weather from driving wind and rain to get milk from the shops and lush hot sun and everything inbetween, we try to get out at least once a day. We mainly take a trip to the local shop, through the mud puddles; over the cobbles and the most difficult we have found with him is the soft sand on the beach, much easier to stick to the wet sand. It is used every single day and is kept in his bedroom so he usually rides it into our room to come wake us up in the mornings.


For Cai this is the best thing since sliced bread! He doesn’t let it out of his sight and god help if one of his little friends even tries to touch it let alone have a go of it. On a weekend when we are home he whizzes around the place constantly on it. During the week it is under his carseat in the car making sure it is always kept close and is there safe for when he goes into crèche and when he comes out of crèche too. For me it is great as he is faster on it than walking so I can get some exercise in too rather than walking at snail’s pace and it makes our walks to the beach and park plenty of fun. Other than the holes at the back of the handlebars which Cai has caught his fingers twice (have no idea how though :s) It is a great in-between bike and seems to be one of a kind.

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