Dual air travel adjust

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Hi all this may sound really stupid but I'm genuinely confused.

I'm looking to upgrade to a pair of rockshox reba rlt forks.
If you can adjust the travel from 80mm to 100mm to 120mm by putting in different air pressures on both the 120mm and 100mm models then why do they make two different models? :?

Thanks in advance


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    You don't adjust the travel by changing the pressure, it's adjusted by adding or removing spacers inside, which isn't that simple.
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  • Is that what the makings on the back of the stanchions are for then?
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    from RS's webby
    An easy-to-use detented knob offers long and short travel options with a turn and a click. With approximately 30mm of sag-to-sag travel adjustment, it is designed to simply bring the front of your bike down for climbing prowess. Dual Position Air is sweet and simple, smooth and robust. Bomb downhill with confidence. Click. Climb like a demon.

    nothing to do with air pressure or spacers. just a click, no tools needed.
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  • Wait... Just to be sure we're on the same page here I'm talking about the dual air model not the air u-turn model or dual position air which is what you quoted.
    Quoting dual air from sram:
    With independently adjustable positive and negative air spring chambers, Dual Air is race or trail ready, highly tunable, and one of the lightest air spring systems on the market.

    As of 2012 models Sram only listed the revelation family of forks as having "dual position air".
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    The dual air requires taking the forks apart to add/remove spacers internally to adjust the travel. The air pressure in them affects the feel of them. The markings on the legs are for showing the sag so that you set the air pressure correctly.

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    Doh I read Revs. not rebas.
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