Headset Installation (easy question!)

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Hello all, I'm trying to build up my new frame, unfortunately it came with no headset instructions so I'm a little stuck. The following picture shows that I at least (I think) I know what order / direction most of the bits go in, however I don't know where the 2 silver rings above go! Help! Thanks!

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    Quick look on the FSA website should show the right way. Click on your headset then the tech data sheet. I wouls think they go on top of the upper bearing.
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    The order looks good to me.

    I believe the shim washers optionally go between the two pieces on the right (the compression ring and the upper cover) in order to fine tune the distance between the upper cover and the top of the head tube. I found that the cover on my headset touched the top of the head tube before it touched the top of the compression ring, making it hard to tighten the headset. The shim washer fixed this.

    The FSA instructions and video don't seem to mention it. My last headset came with two shim washers - I'm not sure why you've got a shim washer and a wavey washer there.