Planet X Model B wheels

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I know these are well rated and good value apart from some people having problems with the freewheel.

Just wondered what size the rear hub was because it says 130mm on the Planet X website but I thought all modern road bikes were 135mm spaced.

If they are 130mm, I'd be pretty chuffed because it would offer a decent set of off the peg wheels for my steel road bike.

Any owners have a clue?


  • Pokerface
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    130 for road bikes. 135 for MTB.
  • Ahh right. Yeah just checked on Sheldon Brown. It is 130mm. Not sure where I got that from. I think I'll pull the trigger on a new set of Model Bs then.

    Only thing is - I'm running old Shimano 7 speed with RSX shifters. Would I be able to run a seven speed cassette on an 8 speed hub if I fitted a spacer?
  • ChrisSA
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    Do you have a spacer? I have one taking up room in my parts box. Give me a shout and it's yours.