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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a review on the carrera banshee 2011 but can't find a specifics review on this particular bike.

So, I'm asking you guys if anyone can give some advice on it while ignoring the brand name. The name isn't what I'm bothered about since I'm new to this 'MTB Lark' :-) and its a bike that has stuck out as the 2011 seems a reasonable price for what you get.

So no brand snobs or Halfords haters! ;-)



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    What type of riding do you want it for?

    It is a bit heavy for general XC stuff-you would probably be better off with a Carrera Fury or B-Twin Rockrider 8.1 for that usage.

    However, for more extreme riding it looks to be decent for the money.
  • I like all sorts of riding really, xc and getting caked in mud is what i love to do.

    I'll also be using the bike for work which is only 3 miles by road so being a full sus wont really hinder me.

    But on an evening or weekend i do like to 'Get Lost' so to speak!

    Ive had a test ride but only on flat ground and it feels a very nice ride so hopefully my gut is giving me a push in the right direction and a few positive responses on here will help me make a decision

    Thanks leaflite
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    For the riding you will be doing its not the bike I would choose.
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    as above, not the type of bike i would buy, a hard tail would be better.

    try the fury or kraken, just brought a kraken myself and love it
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    Yeah, you wont want a Banshee for a commute, even if it is only 3 miles!

    Both the Fury and the Kracken will be much better suited for any time on the road.
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    I highly recommend a fury, great off road and not too bad on road. You could consider some commuting rims/tyres
    2011 Carrera Fury

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  • 3 miles on a banshee will feel like 6 miles on a krakken.... It won't take long for the 3 mile commute to get very boring at a painfully slow speed!
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    I agree, Fury or Kraken! The Banshee is capable, but a heavy brute.
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    As others have said really, go for the Fury or the Kraken
    You will get a lot more bike for your money with a hardtail and will be able to drag it round a lot further.
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  • i have last years model fury (the white much better looking one ;-)) and performals equally well onroad as offroad imo. in not a bike epect but they are great bikes for the money and handle alot of stuff well. great all round bike
  • thanks for all your input guys!
  • thanks for all your input guys!
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    3miles on suspension is bugger all

    get what suits your leisure riding the most
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    nwmlarge wrote:
    3miles on suspension is bugger all

    get what suits your leisure riding the most
    Agreed. Get something you'll love riding, screw efficiency, no point buying a bike you aren't heart set on especially when (in my experience) FS is much better for general messing about and getting lost in forests - never know what you may come across or what sort of technical riding you may progress to. I regularly ride 30 odd miles off road on my FS and have been known to ride 6/7 miles road/commuty type stuff on it and while its slow, it doesnt make me wish i had a HT.
  • Northwind
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    nwmlarge wrote:
    get what suits your leisure riding the most

    Which is still probably not a Banshee... Not the standard one anyway, it doesn't work all that well. Ones with extra Xs are a much better proposition but more expensive, and still not for everyone... But the standard one has little to recommend it really.
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    Presumably most of your riding will be on the S.Downs too? I'd echo the other comments that the Banshee is most likely overkill and will soon become tiresome!
  • Well I've taken on board everything I've read but one thing I forgot to mention is that as I'm using a c2w voucher, I am limited to only buying from Halfords. So anyway I went back down to my local branch today for another test ride and I must admit im really taken by this bike. It's in my price range, I enjoy riding it and being full sus it allows me more scope with where I go and what I attack with it. 3 miles isn't far, I can do the work run in about 8 minutes without being knackered when I get there either. So I think I'm gonna go for it as I dont need the best bike out there as I'm not a pro, it's nice to ride a brand that gets slated because it doesn't come with certain components and it looks good too.

    So thanks for all your answers guys, they have been very useful and sorry to all those that will be disappointed that I did buy the banshee, but I'm sure It will meet my needs and more. After all, isn't that what warranty's are for :-)

    I'll keep you updated with how I get on with it from pick up tomorrow and as I progress so if anyone is near Brighton and fancies a ride then gimme a shout!!

    Thanks again
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    Very tempted myself with the great halfords deals on their bikes of late but ive held off and am looking for a sub 13kg bike to treat myself to before xmas! Theres some great deals about and i agree as long as your happy with it thats the main thing! Look forward to seeing your updates on how your getting on with it, But like most things we ride its a very personal opinion!
  • Well Chuffed.

    Thats it really, its a lovely piece of kit, and after 29.4 miles on it today with a mix of XC, Bridleways, a Pint and abit more of of the bridle ways, it was a pleasure to ride.

    I have been worrying that ive bought the wrong bike as its a Carrera and maybe i didnt need full sus, and with taking on board what the other users said but im very happy with it indeed.

    It is a heavy bike at about 15kg but it really doesnt feel it at all.

    Anyway if anyone wants a bit more info on what the bike is like then let me know.

    Cheers Peeps
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    People get realyl snobby about Carreras... Mine is off the road just now, nothing to do with Carrera though, it's the bloody Mavic hub :lol: Wish everything was as reliable as a £300 Carrera ;)
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