Drop downs for a Sirrus Comp 2008?

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Hi all, I've decided I want to buy some drop down handle bars for my Sirrus Comp 2008, currently I'm doing mainly 60-80mile routes around the north downs and I'm finding the original bars uncomfortable.

I've had a look around and I've seen the 3t Ergonova Pro Alloy Handlebar, does anyone have any views on fitting the 46cm version to my large (56.5cm) sirrus comp 2008 or any other suggestions?

If it helps i'm 6'2" tall with a shoulder measurement of 47.5cm

thanks in advance


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    So, last winter my Sirrus comp finally got too worn down to use. Bought a bike for the summer, Wiggle Verenti Belief, its been fantastic! but now its approaching winter, its already dark and frequently raining when I cycle home form work.

    I've already bought second hand shifters, replaced the BB and now need to buy the drops.

    The only problem I have with drops is that I get pins and needles in my hands after an hour, which I think is due to to much weight being put on my hands.

    Thinking of getting a 46cm compact or ergo, any recommendations?

    Thinking I'll keep the stem as it is at the moment and see how that goes.

    any feed-back or experiences are welcome!
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    What are your measurements, the size of the Verenti and the size of the Sirrus?
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    How about these: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/deda-rhm-02-road-handlebar

    Handlebar width is what is comfortable for you, what are they on your road bike?

    Won't you need to re-cable the bike as well? Regarding the pins and needles, are you gripping the bars to tightly, or as you say you may need to look at you fit/setup. Consider some gel pads under the bar tape and/or gel type bar tape.
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    I'm 6'2", my Verenti is a Large and has a 57cm top tube and 57cm seat tube (centre to top) or 53cm (c to c). While the Sirrus Comp has a different geometry but claims to be the equivalent of 56.5 top and 57cm seat (c to c), which I can attest to being bs.

    Anyway, this makes comparison awkward, based on stem length alone the Sirrus is 1 cm shorter in length. If I'm to believe the top tube, it is a further .5cm shorter, so in total the sirrus will be 1.5cm shorter. In reality I'm sure it is even shorter than but I'll ride it as is and review buying a new stem based on the experience.

    Thanks for the recommendation on the handlebar, I've been looking at http://www.wiggle.co.uk/fsa-omega-compa ... handlebar/ it's highly rated and cheap. I can see the one you recommended is more curved, also it doesn't say how much the drop is. I'll have a look for some reviews.

    As for the pins and needles, I only grip the handlebars to the level needed to control the bike, its a very relaxed pose. Could that be causing it?

    Yeah the total work is more than expected, it turns out the front derailleur is designed for only flats and their shifter so now I have to buy a Sora derailleur as Tiagra is not a 3x9 setup anymore.....

    Still it will all be worth it if I don't destroy my nice Verenti :D
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    I should have done a bit more searching before jumping into this mod... I thought I'd done all the research I needed but nope.


    The other day I learnt that STI shifters do not work with linear pull brakes, to be honest I did not fully comprehend the differences in braking mechanism, I made the assumption that pull length was standard and the only thing that changed was how the pull was used to move the brake pads.

    I found this post which mentions attaching long drop caliper brakes but I think he is using the holes meant for non-load bearing attachments like mudguards. I've asked specialized this question and I'm awaiting their response.

    An alternative is using Travel Agents on my current v-brakes but to be honest I'm not too sure as it could mean adding an extra point of failure to my brakes.

    So unless specialized come back and say I can attach caliper brakes I will go for mini-V brakes

    Any more issues I've not seen?

    I appreciate it will make fitting mudguards difficult but I'll be using 25 and 23 tyres and I'm happy to do a bit of cutting if needed.
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    Honestly it's probably not worth the hassle, you are investing money in what will be a poor solution. You would be better off buying some mudguards for your verenti and just riding it or buy a basic road bike like a triban 3 for a few hundred quid.
  • In theory I'd agree with you but in reality these options were not viable.

    Mudguards can not be fitted to my verenti, I know the ones which save your arse from getting wet can but I only care about the components which with still get destroyed.

    As for buying a triban, I don't have the money.

    An option I did consider is buying a used bike off ebay and selling my sirrus comp but with a combined budget of ~£200 this did not give very many options, plus I would be receiving a bike of unknown history which will undoubtedly have needed parts replaced shifting the cost up to ~£300.

    While this project has been a pain in many ways I've learnt a lot and it will stand me in good stead for maintenance and future bike decisions.

    Maybe next year when I have some spare cash I'll get a Triban, it all depends on how my Sirrus holds up.
  • These will sort out the sti/v brake issue


    or change the brakes for mini v's or cantlevers like

    http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/BCTKCR720/ ... ver-brakes
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    FWIW flat bar bike frames have a toptube generally about 50-60mm longer than a similar size drop-bar bike - it's likely that fitting drop-bars will give you a very stretched-out position which can only be rectified with a very stumpy stem. The whole arrangement is an expensive compromise, particularly if you go to the expense of replacement shifters, brakes etc.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Have fitted drops to a few Sirrus's and you have a few options.

    Travel agents and mini v's are a waste of time tbh.

    Stick with the V brakes and run Tektro RL520 brake levers this will mean switching to bar end shifters or if you wish to use STI levers then switch to canti's.

    The RL520's are the better option plus are cheap @ around £17, s/h bar end shifters are also easy to find.

    This was the one I built for my partner, and it has been fine, the Sirrus is in basic terms a flat bar Allez so no real issues with fitting drops, went with canties on this one as my partner prefers the brake feel, it is running 8spd Shimano Claris.

  • Good job, nice looking bike.