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Iv'e been looking for a carbon framed road bike or a framset to bulid up with an Ultegra groupset I have, went to look at a Addict R1 frameset at the weekend, the seller is wanting approx £1000 for it. Been strugling to justify spending such a large amount on a frame although my wife says go for it, would a almost 50 year old get the benefit from a super bike or should I spend the same amount (or slightly less) on a second hand complete bike ie a boardman type bike decisions, decisions. :?


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    If it fits, go for it! IF if fits
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    £1000 for a second hand frame ?

    You could get a full carbon bike for 999 = http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/YBP ... -road-bike

    Or if you have the groupset - a brand new frame for less than a grand http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/c/q/frames/road-frames

    And yes - you need to make sure the frame is the right fit. An ill fitting bargain is no bargain.
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    Yeah but all carbon is not the same. Like saying a "Steel" bike gives a nice springy ride ... is that Reynolds 853, or welded together scaffold tubes?

    I'd sooner have a Scott Addict than a Planet X, if the money was there.

    Yes you'll get the benefit of it, and you'll enjoy it, although it won't turn you into a tour de france winner overnight, and the more you use it the more you'll benefit ;-). I'm only a handful of years behind you, and I never regret having got a really good bike.

    Oh and if you do as your wife says, you'll only encourage her to say the same in future ...
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    Go for it. You may not have many good cycling years ahead of you. It would be a shame to grind to a halt never having owned a top bike.
    There aren't many activities where you can buy the best without being a millionaire - motor bikes, cars, boats, etc.
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    go for it!!! If its good you cant go wrong (unless it doesnt fit!!!)

    Have a look around at other frames too and make sure (if its your 'best/dream' bike) you get what u want!!

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    There's also some very good new frames out there for around £1k - eg Canyon!

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    Yep, good point!!! - Loads of threads on here about quality of these bikes.


    A race licence will also get you further discount!!

    Let us know what u go for!!
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    2011 Cervelo S2 (SRAM Red/Force)
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  • Thanks for all the replies, I came home tonight and said to my wife I wasnt going to bother with it, I just felt it was too indulgent and like one comment im not going to win the tour.. :lol: I think i'm going to have to think long and hard before I decide.
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    Bloody hell that wasn't the point of that comment!
    FFS, you'll enjoy it, if you've got the money, do it, 'cos sure as anything you can't take it with you!
  • :lol:

    I think i could do well in the Giro tho !! point taken I'll take the bike for a spin as it's stil built up that may wellmake up my mind...at least my wife willbe pleased I've done as I was toldfor a change.
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