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  • 77ric77ric Posts: 601
    Canon 5D markII body only = £1549

    Zeiss 50mm f1.4 T* Planar ZE Lens - Canon Fit = £599

    Canon EF 135mm f2 L USM Lens = £900

    Canon EF 24mm f1.4L II USM Lens = £1349

    talented videographer = priceless

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    But at a price of near 4 and a half grand, a little out of your budget.

    Pro kit like the above will give great results, but at your price point, I think you'll be disappointed (by expecting far to much from entry level consumer kit). Just ensure that you thoroughly research the video functions of any DSLR you consider, many shoot video, but have compromises in the functionality that will limit what you can do.

    Funnily enough I would kill for that kit for photography.
    Fancy a brew?
  • PruPru Posts: 53
    If you can get a 550D... get a 550D.
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