Day One

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Hi All
A month or so ago I was on here asking for some advice about what bike to buy and whether or not I should.

Anyway some time passed and some bikes were tested. I decided to go for a Giant Defy 2.

But, then last minute I saw a Bianchi Via Nirone 7 on sale for £700 and it looked outrageously good, best looking bike I'd seen.

So went and bought that instead, and went out on it for the first time today and absolutely loved it.

Looks like I'll be on here a bit more in coming weeks!

Cheers for all help before now, can't wait to get out again next weekend.

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  • Nice one! But be careful, otherwise your new hobby will turn into an expensive addiction. Lycra ain't cheap, then you'll want shoes and pedals, you won't be able to decide between rollers or a turbo trainer so you'll buy both. Then you'll decide you need a winter bike to keep your new love clean.... :D
  • kev77
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    mate, just get out on the black stuff regardless and start racking up the miles!

  • Its already getting expensive!

    This week need to buy lights, gloves & a jacket. Not to mention a pump, a spare tube and tyre removal levery things.

    Oh god.

    Hoping for many more weekends with weather like the last one.
    Canyon AL Ultimate 9.0