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House insurance covering bikes in outbuildings/sheds?

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My partner and I are looking to move into a rented house for 12m and have about 8 bikes between us- probably worth well over £15k - so provision for bike storage is big factor for us.

We're in the London area, so garages are rare and internal space is expensive - we're thinking that at least some of them will need to go into a secure shed/bike storage unit in the garden.

I know you can get police-rated secure bike storage units approved by bike insurers - but we're not interested in dedicated bike insurance - we never let the expensive ones out of our sight when out and about.

I'm trying to find out whether bikes stored in this sort of unit or secure shed can be easily insured under a contents policy available to rented homes (to cover the bikes whilst they are in the home only)? -

I'm not saying pedestrians in Hackney are stupid.. but a fixed bayonet would be more use than a fixed gear...


  • You would need to check with individual insurers because their terms do vary, but my experience is that if they cover your bike(s) at all (and some are limited to £500 per bike, so wouldn't), then if it's on your property in a locked outbuilding, you'd be OK.

    I think you'd need to double check whether those locked boxes count or not. I spent a long time on the phone to insurers trying to find one that didn't specify d-lock required, that would insure my bike if it was in someone else's house while I was round there, etc etc. I didn't find any that wouldn't pay out with the bike in a shed on my property.

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