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Gorrick Autumn Series

WisePrankerWisePranker Posts: 823
edited October 2011 in XC and Enduro
I'm entered in my first race tomorrow in the Gorrick Autumn Series but I'm not sure of one or two things.

The main thing is does anyone know when I can ride the route before the race?
My race is due to start at 13:00 and they say the course is open from 08:30 but I don't want to be there that early. Would I be better off just arriving an hour or so before the race starts and walking round the course route (off the course, obviously!) to see what it's like or just turn up and go for it?


  • anjsanjs Posts: 486
    Would guess there might be other races ongoing?
  • NrjNrj Posts: 35
    You can ride the course whilst the early races are on, just get outta the way and leave the course at the right spots.

    If your remotely unfit like me i wouldnt bother riding before, if your fit you wont notice it.
  • ollie51ollie51 Posts: 517
    Because there are so many different races at the gorricks, it is difficult find time to practise, Ideally you want to get down there early before all races, when it's easy to practise. If not, you might get the oppirtunity to have a go just before midday, but check you're okay to do so.
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