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I know that the DT Swiss 240s are highly rated but was wondering if anyone knows about the rest of the range.

I am building some training wheels (28/32 with Open Pro's and Sapim Lazers) and I was wondering if DT 370s would do the job well. They are on the heavy side but since we're coming up to winter I'm more interested in the durability and seals than I am weight.

For comparison I'm also considering a Dura Ace front hub paired to an Ultegra rear (only DA comes in a 28 hole or it would be Ultegra for both).

Essentially I have 2 questions -

1) Are the DT 370's as 'fit and forget' as Shimano hubs?
2) The DT front hub, even at 28 hole suggests radial lacing. Isn't that going to make for a harsh ride compared to 2 cross (I'm 155lbs max). Any reason I can't lace it 2 cross anyway?


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    No direct experience, but I'm sure they're great, I like DT swiss stuff, I don't think you can really go wrong. Don't see any reason why you can't/shouldn't lace the front 2x. Otherwise, look at Hope hubs (which I have on my winter wheels), well sealed, simple to service and a good price/performance mix. Or PMP.
  • The radial is to indicate it has been engineered to be capable of a radial lacing pattern (ie. it is strong enough) but this is not a requirement of the build.

    I wouldn't use Sapim Lasers on the drive side of any wheel build as they can't handle the torque. Use Sapim Race on the drive side rear. But for a winter set of wheels just opt for Race all round ideally in black to help stop the corrosion and increase durability which is the key attribute of a winter wheelset.

    DT Swiss have a MTB heritage and are probably sealed well but we've yet to see a pair of 350s so can't say for sure.
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    I wouldn't use Sapim Lasers on the drive side of any wheel