Giant Defy 4 or Dawes Giro 500?

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Which one should I buy?, back on the road after 27 years so no expert, so any advice greatly appreciated, was looking at Specialezed Allez as well, but having tried one out it just doesn't feel as right as the Giant does.

Thanks, Steve


  • How about this for a few Quid more plus you get the carbon fork :)
  • Well they have reduced that since lunchtime, tempted but it's only a compact, the 4 is a triple which is what I think I need short term anyway with hills around here, thanks for heads up will check all specs first thing
  • gmacz
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    Cannot go wrong with the defy range,
    Triple is good for a beginner or returning biker.
    If the giant feels good, that is the bike to buy.
    Defy 3 is also triple if you can find a 2011model bargain.
    Try for some free mudguards etc

    Just clicked the link, great price, buy buy buy, before someone else does.
    You will love the bike.
  • Love my Defy, as above it has to feel right. Look around you will definitely get a 3 on sale, I think that comes with a carbon fork.
  • jpenno
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    for not much more you can get the top of the range Defy 1
  • Was tempted to go for the Defy 3 but then worked out all the other gear I needed & budget just wouldn't stretch that far, went to LBS who I knew had a 2010 Defy 4 in & after trying that a deal was done that I was more than happy with.

    Got to say bike is great, I can't believe difference to the MB I had been riding, done well over 50 miles already & planned another 10 for tomorrow night, I guess you could say I am hooked already, just planning to work on fitness steadily untill better weather comes along

    Can't believe just what I have been missing!