Can anyone repair an STI shifter for me please?!

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I have broken my right hand 9 Speed Ultegra STI shifter.

I've scoured the internet, and the most useful resource I have found is

as other websites dont have enough detail or instructions.

Annoyingly I dont have the time to do this work.

Does ANYONE know of ANYONE else who can repair this for me?

Many thanks


  • Mr Plum
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    What's wrong with it?

    I recently had a crash and tried to get my STI shifter repaired but I was told by a couple of different mechanics that they're designed to be replaced. Repairing, in terms of man hours + parts, can work out to be more expensive than finding a replacement on ebay...

    Do a search for a 9 speed STI shifter - ... Categories
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  • Anonymous
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    I broke it my having a gentle fall (was stationary and didn't unclip - D'OH!) and knocked it.

    So the inner (downshifter) stuck to the outer (upshifter) when trying to change down, so it wouldn't work unless you physically held the outer one in place while pressing the inner one.

    I thought I knew better, took it to bits, put some of it back together, but cant get the springs back in (and probably cocked up elsewhere, too).

    Shimano say its impossible, but I know for a fact it can be done as there are a few specialists on the matter, but the only one who is contactable is the USA, and does 7/8 speed ones.

    Thought there might be some experts hiding here would would accept a couple of crates of fine imported lager (or her majesty's ale) for their troubles.

    Am looking at ebay too.... for the time being, just rolling around in the hardest gear.
  • cyberknight
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    I bent my sram shifter in a fall 2 weeks after i got the bike !!

    The shifter lever was bent at 90 degrees but still worked, i took it to the LBS who wanted £210 to replace the lever .
    I took some pliers to it and bent it back , luckily it bent back close enough to the original position to make it usable.
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  • dougzz
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    You still looking?
    I busted the left (chain ring) shifter on my Spec Tricross, and with no other option bought a pair of new Tiagra levers, (can I add that a chain that might be described a located at the Doctor's house did a really decent deal for me, after the mechanic insisted on the phone I couldn't possible have broke it in the way described). I'm pretty sure the unfitted right one (for rear cassette) is still in my shed. I can check at the weekend. If you can live with the downgrade from Ultegra. As I work in Wandsworth it might be your lucky day.
  • Anonymous
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    WAAHHHHH. Bought some Dura Ace ones, which I love to bits.

    are you saying you now have a spare RH 9 speed tiagra lever? Might have a mate who's interested.

    Also - for anyone else - I now have a spare LH Ultegra Double (6500 or so) and a broken (but I think I have all the bits) 9 speed RH lever. Open to any sensible offers or ill stick them on t'bay