Toddlebike Bike Radar Trial Results - 23 months old boy

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Righto, we've had the toddlebike now for about 3 weeks. I have a 23 month old son and I also own a childrens nursery, so a number of children have used the bike.

First up are a couple of bad points: I feel that the bike is slightly too small, my son is very small for his age and even his feet were dragging on the floor as he used it and secondly, a few times when he hit a small bump he went over the handlebars as I think the handlebars are too far forward and the 'tipping point' is right over the wheels. Possibly the handlebars could be angled back slightly?

Right that over, all the kids LOVE the bike. My son uses it around the park, shops and even in the house. He doesn't want to get off it. We went out for a walk last weekend around cwmcarn lakes (see pics) and we were walking for aprobably around 2 miles and 30 mins and he toddled along with us on his toddlebike :D

My son is very independent and doesn't really like to go in a pushchair and gets quite heavy when we carry him for long distances but he'll merrily go for ages on his toddlebike, which is great. :lol:

A few times he has gone over the bars but this was probably more down to him being over confident than anything else, the bike has never tipped over.

In our nursery we could do with 3 or 4 of these bikes as all of the children want to play on it in the garden, I think we'll be investing in more in the future.






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    Agree re the handlebars, My daughter is 20 months and it's just too much of a stretch for her. She's had a few goes but for reach she has to sit on the top tube, which means she's too low to push along. It's not helped that she's had a stinker of a cold for most of the review period!
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