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Irvinecycles and Saracen Tufftrax Comp.... Advice.

IanthenutIanthenut Posts: 2
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Hi, I'm looking at getting a semi decent mountain bike under £250. Mainly to ride to and from work.

I read on this site the Saracen TUfftrax gets a good review.

Whilst shopping around I found the above the site that is selling the Comp version of the bike for a couple of notes extra.

Has anyone used this site before?
Is the Comp version of the bike worth the extra?

Many thanks for any advice.



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    For an extra fiver, yes.
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  • Si1988Si1988 Posts: 158
    For the fiver you get a better fork with more travel, and an extra cog on the cassette with a wider set of ratios, so I'd say the comp is a no-brainer. MBUK thought highly enough of the standard bike I remember so for 230 notes you should be getting a nice ride.

    As for irvine Cycles, never used them, and havent heard about them, good or bad. What I'd do is try ringing the shop to ask a little about it. If they know their stuff and seem helpful, then youre probably good to go, if not then be a little more cautious perhaps.
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