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    To degrease my chain I use degreaser. To lubricate it I use chain wax.

    WD40 is none of the above.

    I use it for flushing out cable outers, that is all.
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  • WD40 is a water dispersant hence the letters WD . good old soapy water for cleaning the chain
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    My first and last experience with WD 40 was to lube all the moving parts on my new Kona (when I got back into biking about 3 years ago). It did a fantastic job of flushing the white grease out of the external BB. Bearings collapsed about 2 weeks later, LBS received £90 of my hard earned cash to fix. It's now kept in a separate room from my bikes!
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    I would not use it I use Muc Off bike spray which is a water dispersant and lube..and is safe on carbon
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