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Bike for tall 9 year old boy

santiagosantiago Posts: 2
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After reading this forum was all set to get a Carrera Blast for my son, but on taking him to try it out in Halfords was told he was too tall and would be better off with a 26 inch Wheel and a 14 inch frame bike, which took us into a whole new area of bikes and prices.

At the moment I have found a new Kona Fire Mountain 2009 for £300, but am also looking at the Carrera Vengeance. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated am not looking to spend more than £300 and bike would be used for mainly bridle path riding to start with.


  • moniemonie Posts: 17
    I think the shop is right, my own 8 year old has now got a 26" bike with a 13.5 inch frame.

    Some manufactureres do make a 12.5" or 13" frames (spesialized did some years), otherwise go for a 14" frame. Most important thing for your son to get comfy will be the top tube length/reach. A shorter stem could help.

    For my son I built him a bike from an "old" 13.5" specialized rockhopper frame, with some rockshox duke air forks and dt swiss wheels. It also has shimano disc brakes and is a lovely and light bike. My son loves it. Came in at around £300.

    Maybe have a go at building your own? Or try womens bikes, shorter reach on these and some are even blue!

    good luck

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