Retro Road bike brake levers

gliese581d Posts: 26
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Do you remember the days when road bikes (racers) had two sets off brake levers??!!

I kind of miss that and was wondering if anyone out there has changed their brake levers/ bar set up or added new brakes levers to their road bike just on the top bar?



  • Ah the old suicide levers. Awful things,

    You can most usually see frog leg, cable interruptor levers on CX bikes nowadays. I don't have any great antipathy to them but I'm sure a few people will be along soon to tell you they're the devils work
  • se-po
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    I've got a second set of levers on my bar. Useful when you're riding in the city, but I'm quite used to the suicide levers on my old road bike.
  • keef66
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    As already mentioned, look at some pics of Cyclo-cross bikes. They often have the secondary interrupter levers on the bar tops.

    They are more effective than the old suicide levers were (but that's not saying much!) but to my mind they take up space I'd rather be using for lights and computer mounts.
  • petemadoc
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    My cross bike has extra levers on the tops. They do offer a little more braking power with canti-brakes compared to the sti brake levers. They do take up room though and I wouldn't put them on my road bike