Asked a million times but... carbon/carbon stiction etc

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I know this has probably be asked a million times before, but...

Am I right in thinking:

Carbon on carbon: no grease needed
Alloy on carbon: nothing needed
Carbon on alloy: Carbon fixing paste required
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  • the main benefit of the paste , is that the torque for any given item is approximately 30% less ( according to ritchey , and FSA ) than if no paste is used . as for in which combination of alloy to carbon , i dont know , but i use the paste all the time as its cheap , and less torque means less possible cracks in expensive carbon .

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    I'd use it in all 3. Surely carbon to carbon is the slippiest and hence the most likely to need it?

    And what's the difference between your options 2 and 3??

    I use the paste on my carbon seatpost to stop it slipping down into the alloy frame. Bonus is that I hardly have to tighten the clamp bolt to achieve it, and the paste must be doing something to prevent the two components bonding permanently.

    Also put a dollop where the alloy saddle clamp sits atop the carbon post to stop it tipping backwards when I go through potholes when seated.
  • Simonb256
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    option 2 and 3 are different.

    The best example I can think of it carbon steerer in headset as opposed to carbon stem on alloy steerer. there is a big difference there, honest.

    What bugs me is that there is no consistent answer. I'm getting different answers from everywhere. Manufacturers are saying to leave them be. People are saying grease is ok, other saying use fixing paste.

    Im just going to go with the OP until there is a conclusive answer then.
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    You're right, there is a big difference. The stem is clamped around the steerer so you don't want it to slip. There's no clamping involved in the headset / steerer interface, you just slide the headset components on.

    Or am I missing something?