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I want to start doing more training but not sure which is the best way to go about it.

I only started riding last year and went just once a week and. Over the summer i cant get out riding that much due to other commitments. Want to try and get fitter so i can get round the trails centers a bit better and if i loose some weight at the same time that would be great.

So the last few weeks i have gone out 2 nights during the week and a longer ride over the weekend. Yesterday i went to Delamere and tbh my legs were killing me right from the start. This got me thinking as im pretty much starting from scratch i might be doing to much ?

So if i ride how long should i rest for ? Ive been going Tue Thurs and Sunday

Would it be ok to go swimming in between ride days ? or should i have total rest give muscles a chance to recover ?


  • If you've not been riding much it's a case of building up slowly and steadily increasing the distance/frequency of your rides. Tues/Thur/Sun should be fine, sometimes your legs may feel a bit pants, sometimes they may feel great. I thinking swimming between ride days is a good idea, works your cardio system while giving your legs a chance to recover. Just try to build up to riding more distance and more frequently. Hope that helps.
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    Ive been doing about 7 miles on the Tue and Thurs which is all on road. Then on a Sunday been going off road for at least 10. Yesterday i was aiming for 14 around Delamere but in the end only did 10 as my legs just didnt want to go any further.

    Do you think that is to much to start with ?
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    If it feels like too much it is too much. I generally ride 3-4 times a week off road min 20 miles but I do sweet FA in between. A bit of r&r is just as important as exercise.

    A few things that can help are:
    cold water bath/shower after exercise (legs only if it seems too harsh)
    stretching (lots)
    For Goodness Shakes (strawberry)
    Drink loads of water force it down it really does work
    Cut out dairy/sugary/fatty foods, cereal & white carbs. Replace with unlimited quantities of vegetables, beans and lean meat.

    Good luck
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    Well the road rides ive done in the week feel ok defo could go further no probs but its the time factor just dont have enough of it to go further. Is doing a few shorter rides better than doing a longer one ?

    Ive changed what i eat loads been really good with trying to be more healthy. The trouble is im not really sure whats what with all the food stuff protien, carbs and all that. Or how much you actually should be eating of each kind of thing. One thing i have noticed that some days i dont have a lot of energy so i must be doing something wrong.
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    Carbs give us energy for exercise. We can store about 500g - enough for two or three hours off-roading - but it needs to be topped up while we're riding. Energy drinks are effective - Torq is mild and easy to drink, High 5 is pretty good or you can make your own. Long, low-intensity rides will use more energy from fat.

    Protein is used after exercise to rebuild muscles.

    A couple of cups of proppa strong coffee will regulate the use of stored carbs during a ride and also delay the onset of fatigue but try not to make a habit of it or it becomes less effective.

    Beans/veg/lean meat/oily fish make a big difference to your energy levels