Identify Colnago Frame

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Finally got my new steel frame delivered to me. Owned it for maybe 10-15 years but been in storage for some time.

I've got no idea what model it is. Any Ideas? And where I can find any information on it?

Ideas on what parts to fit to it? What headset will fit and I'm guessing it will have Italian bottom bracket? Will standard modern road BB's fit?

Was thinking Camapag but all my wheels are Shimano and nicer to be able to stay with the same on all bikes. Also how to go about uisng new brake shifters with old style friction shifters?




  • Gazzetta67
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    Hi b/fish

    I remember that Colnago from years back but the model escape's me at the mo (trying to rack my brains here) I had the Master Olympic in Mapei colours. It was Italian BB threads i used 102mm Record or Chorus BB - You can still buy them but dunno about Shimano parts

    PS. Maybe an idea to go on to and post your pic of the frame on there as they have a few Colnago blogs going and lost of older model Colnago bits.

    Your bike will look great once its built up - wish i had kept my Master now get yourself some nice Chrome cleaner and wax to keep that frame gleaming :D
  • Chip \'oyler
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    You could get in touch with

    Although I think it's a Colnago Master. Personally I'd go Campag alloy Athena groupset :)
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    It's not a Master as it doesn't have the Gilco 'crimped' tubing. Looks like a C96 which was built from Columbus Thron and was their entry model at that time
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • bobgfish
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    Well I think its a Superissimo judging by this link...

    Not sure it matter to identify it but would be nice to know it's angles etc.

    Found most of the frame parts I might need. Seatpin bolts and cable guides etc. Who sells old skool classic seat posts and stems in polished silver? Ideas where to get an old skool group set? What do you think would look best?
  • Evil Laugh
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    Check out hub jub, fresh tripe or velo solo for nice stems etc.

    You can get a tange levein headset which is a copy of a Campag record. Chrome finish to match the frame. Dura ace headsets are nice.

    If you're putting shimano on it, the dura ace seatposts, 7400 or 7410 are beautiful.

    There's a guy selling a 7400 groupset for under £200 quid I think on the lfgss classifieds. Retrobike is also good but nowhere near as active as lfgss.
  • bobgfish
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    Good sites. Got my heart set on 3T or Cinelli stems and handlebars and hopefully stem.

    Afew places still have some but looking for better websites.

    Wondering about some carbon bling Campagnolo from recent years.