Coast2Coast training?

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hi, I have recently returned to mountain biking after dipping in and out over the last few years.

I have set myself the target of doi g the coast2coast route next May / June with some friends who are also not hardened cyclists.

We have set ourselves the objective of aiming to complete the route in 2 days (for charity) .

I would be interested in hearing tips for training for the ride....... And any experiences of doing the route!


  • whitehaven to sunderland? i did it in two days this year not too bad a route, few hills late on in the first day (hartside) then at the start of day two is a killer. but last 30 miles easy. enjoy. book up hotel early, and plan your stops well
  • Get a decent saddle and padded shorts!

    We did it in two days this year, I thought I had done good hill training until I actually started the ride - whinlatter was hard, hartside was a b!tch and then we came to Garigill ....less said the better....

    Second day - last 40 miles dead easy, average speed went up to about 16 miles an hour on nobbly mountain bike tyres...

    Most importantly, get a couple of long rides (6 hour plus) under your belt so that you are used to being in saddle!

    Good luck, its great fun and you will meet some great people along the way - but, as chrishumes said, book your hotel early..
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    We did the Whitehaven to Sunderland in July, a great trip, we had great weather, no rain at all !

    Mostly on road, but with off road bits thrown in as we were on mtb's.

    I found the c2c site a good place for info, here are a few points from our trip....the first one being funny/dangerous at the same time... ... -t797.html

    With regards to training/route, the route isnt that hard, ok there are a few horrible climbs, I think the worst one for me was the Garrigill climb.

    Just ride as much as you can between now and then, putting in a few long rides too and also try a back to back ride........I found starting on the second day was the hardest thing, but after a an hour or two all was well....

    Its a good route, well sign posted and I guess the two most important things are 'who you ride with' and just make it 'fun'.

    Good luck !