I blame CityLink



  • I got a free food processor last year after City Link took nearly 2 months to deliver one that I bought from Amazon. That took care of the parents' Christmas present.

    They dropped it off without asking for a signature by leaving it outside my door, and then failed to come back to collect it!
  • -spider-
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    I got a new suite for my conservatory earlier this year. City Link lost it somewhere (after leaving a card saying they tried to deliver). When I contacted the supplier they immediately despatched a replacement order and this was delivered (by AJG) on time and within the evening time that they specified.

    In my experience I would say City Link are rubbish.

  • Well I received my order today. The reason they didn't deliver it when they said is probably because the address was listed as:

    First floor flat, 100, 100, Bristol...

    This was printed out by CityLink and having checked my order it's not the address I gave Wiggle, so god only know how they were able to balls this up!!
  • I got my stuff (It only took City Link 5 days), so it took a week altogether. The jersey is great (14c and strong wind yet I wasn't cold or sweety) and the Garmin is very nice, but I think this will be my last order with these guys.

    and to top is off, I didn't get any Haribo! :cry:
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    A friend benefited from CityLink's incompetence. They have a coffee maker and order the pots online, in £60 orders. CityLink attempted delivery when nobody was home so left a card, as the driver was writing on the card he left teh parcel on the wheelie bin and that's where it was when his Mum got home and found the CL card on the doormat.
    They phoned up and rebooked the delivery but CityLink couldn't find the parcel so had to replace the coffee at their expense :D
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.