Bike trailer that's easily switchable between bikes?

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Hello everyone.

My little boy is starting nursery and i'm keen to purchase a bike trailer to transport him up there.

I will be taking him and his mum will be collecting him in the evening so we need a trailer that can easily swap between our 2 bikes. I've been looking at the Burley Bee and although there isn't much detail on how it connects to the bike on their website, it looks like it slots into a fixed bracket that bolts to the rear axle. Presumably we could then just buy 2 brackets, one for each of our bikes.

Does anyone have any experience of using a trailer with more than one bike?

Thanks a lot.



  • Avenir Cleveland. Hard base and it attaches via a clamp to the chainstay. I think they're around £130 but have seen them on e-bay much cheaper.
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    We used our Croozer 737 across two bikes. Each bike had a mount (I'm pretty sure it came with two anyway).
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    We have a chariot cougar with several extra-long skewers and clamp attachments that you buy from Chariot. I think Burley uses same system, keep looking closely at the tech specs. The extra long skewers for rear wheel are the hard things to get hold of, btw, off top of my head Chariot supplied one, but we had grief getting useful spares, anyway. Usual gotta make sure the skewer is strong, may need to be closed top type (?"closed cam"), too. LINk: ... our-skewer

    We used to have a trailer (Koolstop) that attached to chainstay (tighten clamp down), but it was too hard for me (female with weak hands) to get it to tighten down firmly after a while. So it slipped around & that caused no end of problems.