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Hi, I've been asked to fit some old tubs on a new pair of carbon wheels for a friend, do i need to remove the old glue from the tubs, if so what's the best way to do this & what's the best method of fitting them , glue or tape. thanks in advance.


  • Leave the glue on, just remove any loose bits.

    Comprehensive details on gluing tubs can be found here:
    http://weightweenies.starbike.com/forum ... =3&t=72309
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    if you say best way, then remove the glue and use glue again.

    but i would just remove the excess, whats left so what left is an even layer of old glue, that old glue will work again once in contact with new. best tip is to apply a very thin wet coat over the tire before popping it on - youll be able to adjust the tire more freely and helps with the adhesiveness.
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