New bike... Cannondale or Ribble?

lee bee
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Hi everybody i have been into mtb for a few years and fancy a giving the darkside a try maybe a few tri events also. I have my heart set on a 2011 super six but the guy in the shop said the shimano rs10 wheels where rubbish and would maybe need replacing in the future. So the big question is!!! A Ribble gran fondo with 105 and Mavic Ksyriums can be had for the same price, Does anybody have any good advice for me to mull over. CHEERS :D


  • solboy
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    Cannondale all day long 8)
  • porker33
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    I didn't expect much from the Rs10's, but didn't find them any worse than Bontrager race lites which are more expensive.......
    I have DA 7900 for good days, but for the winter RS10 will be the perfect wheel to use as far as I am concerned.
  • nochekmate
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    Wheels can always be upgraded - not so easy to swap frame out without major expense!

    On that basis, it's no contest take the Cannondale every day of the week.
  • lee bee
    lee bee Posts: 29
    Thanks a lot for the quick replies, good to hear the shimano rs 10 are not THAT bad. It was potential warranty issues and bad customer service putting me off the Ribble. Think I will go with the super six. Thanks again.
  • Evil Laugh
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    Rs10s are fine. They ride nicely, comfortable and dependable wheels and are tough ime. Prefer them to ksyrium equipes if that's what's on the ribble.
  • the_fuggler
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    I've got RS10s on my Cannondale. They've been absolutely fine so far.

    I should have gone for a Supersix though... :roll:
    FCN 3 / 4
  • passout
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    The Dale. Wheels are fine but you can get decent priced replacements from planet x & others if necessary.
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