Ultegra 6700 Brakes, how much better than Tektro R720 dual

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Hi All

So as the title says really, i bought a 2010? Carrera Vanquish in the sale this weekend to start using for my 20 ish mile a day commute. (preferred this to the new one, as it has better gears/levers i think?) this is my first time ever on a road bike and being a big lad too (17 stone) i found the brakes to be a little lack lustre. especially as my current commuter is a MTB with hydraulic brakes.

So i started reading up on new pads and figured they cant make much difference i also read somwhere that the step between lower end calipers and middle range calipers is a rather large one so now i am thinking of upgrading the calipers altogether.

What im wanting to know is, does anyone have any experience with either sets of brakes (R720 or Ultegra 6700) and has anyone upgraded similarily so has the experience what to buy or what not to buy or if it doesnt make much difference at all?

Thanks in advance



  • I think pads make a bigger difference than the model of brake used. I have ultegra 6700 on one bike and Shimano br450 (cheap) on the other. The stock pads that came with the br450 were s*it, no bite, feel or stopping power. Replaced them with ultegra shoes and pads and now I can't feel the difference.
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