Brooks saddles

Evil Laugh
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A swift or swallow would probably be closest to a spoon. Maybe a b15 narrow. I'd say most others are too wide for a roadbike.


  • Hoopdriver
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    The B-17 is their flagship model and a true classic. Looks fine on a road bike
  • marcusjb
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    Agree with Evil Laugh - Swift or Swallow are closest to the Spoon for width.

    I run a Swallow on my audax bike and it's an amazing saddle - but I am a skinny wretch with a narrow arse. Depending on your dimensions, you may not suit either of these saddles - but if you're riding on a Spoon without problems, Swift or Swallow would make sense.

    However, if the Spoon isn't giving you any trouble, then why change it? I run a Spoon on my commuting fixie and it's incredibly comfy - only non-Brooks saddle I have ever got on well with.
  • amaferanga
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    Get one with titanium rails otherwise they're ridiculously heavy. I've used a B17 in the past for audaxing and touring and found it really comfortable, but they look daft on a carbon road bike IMO. Also, when I bought mine they cost about £25 for the standard model. I wouldn't buy one at current prices of >£50 for the standard heavy B17.
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  • rich164h
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    Depends on what you want to use it for. For racing yes the standard B17 is too big and heavy but for touring it's probably perfect. Not too expensive (I think I picked mine up for about £40 6 months ago) and still a high quality piece of kit.

    As for which size, well that really is only a case of trying them I'm afraid bearing in mine what you're using them for. I prefer a really narrow saddle on my race bike but much prefer the much wider standard B17 for touring where I'm sitting up much more.
  • keef66
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    I'm no racer, I'm just hoping to increase the length of my leisurely rides. I just went from a Spoon which was starting to hurt a bit after 30 miles, to a B17 which has been super comfy from the outset. I went for the B17 special in honey; Looks splendid with it's copper plated rails and huge hand beaten rivets.

    The weight isn't an issue for me, but I'm still not sure it looks right on an otherwise modern alu framed bike.

    (I'm giving serious consideration to buying a Genesis Equilibrium to go with it!)
  • tigerben
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    I have a swfit and it fits lovely on my buttocks (average sized).

    It is heavy and does look a bit daft on my madone - but at the end of the day it is super comfy and that is what matters most to me.
  • I have B17 special on my carbon Wilier and love the old Vs new vibe.
    As for weight? Pahhh
  • billysan
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    Spoons were my choice of saddle, that is until I bought a swallow.

    Very similar in dimensions, but it is more comfortable. You tend to sit more 'ontop' of a brooks it seems, and not so 'in the saddle' like you do a spoon.

    Have never tried a swift so cannot comment, however at the other end of the spectrum I find B17's too flat and wide.
  • hagar123
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    I have a Brooks Professional and I've found it very comfortable from the off. I read most comments that it takes 500 to 1000 miles to bed in, but I must have struck it lucky.

    I found it drastically changed my riding position and felt more evenly balance between all my contact points.

    It also looks great with my classic shaped alum frame.

    Not sure it would look great on my carbon framed bike though :D
  • I tried a Titanium Swift on my Master X Light, was quite comfy, not sure why I didn't buy one,
    think of the kurve Fizik range now. I really only posted to satisfy StanwaySteve62.
  • Eyorerox wrote:
    I tried a Titanium Swift on my Master X Light, was quite comfy, not sure why I didn't buy one,
    think of the kurve Fizik range now. I really only posted to satisfy StanwaySteve62.
    You do have a bike then :D
  • prawny
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    I tried a b17 narrow for a while, couldn't get on with it. I was in so much pain one Friday I bought a spoon from Evans just to get me home. I sold the brooks a couple of weeks later. I might try one of the more expensive ones one day, when the kids have left home!
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