South-East / London Bike Fitting Recommendations

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I've just bought a new bike but it doesn't quite fit (I've been very lucky with the Trek I have had for ages which fits me like a glove, although I've probably changed to fit it I suspect). With birthday & eventually Christmas on the horizon, I wonder if people have any recommendations on an establishment that does a really top job.

I was thinking about Profeet having had several good ski boot sessions there, however that doesn't mean they're the best at bike fitting. Any good / bad experiences here ? London or Surrey area is probably most ideal but could consider slightly further afield for a really good shop.


  • ynyswen24
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    What about Pearsons they've got a shop in Sutton and I know they've just opened a branch specialising in high end bikes in Sheen. They do a fitting service. Been running for 150 odd years so should be up to speed!
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    I visited the Bike Whisperer at the start of this year and would highly recommend. I've ridden more this year than ever and in the past i've always had little niggles with my knees or my wrists. This year - absolutely nothing. It could be coincidence but I'm more than happy to think not.
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    Bike whisperer in Ealing highly recommended by me. Well worth the trip out there, short cycle that it is.
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    Evil Laugh wrote:
    Bike whisperer in Ealing highly recommended by me. Well worth the trip out there, short cycle that it is.

    +1. Been fitted out by him on both my road and TT bike and both now fit like a glove. He spends a long time getting it right and his waiting list is a testament to how good he is.
  • Another vote for Scherrit at The Bike Whisperer.

    I've had two bikes fitted there and the service is fantastic. What's great is that in the weeks and months after the session you can speak to him and feedback what's worked and if there is anything that bothers you with the new position or setup it can be tweaked until perfect.

    Book an appointment and you won't be disappointed.