Do 31.8mm chrome bars exist?

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Being new to the world of bike refurbing, I am struggling to locate a nice set of shiny handlebars for a recently purchased single-speed commuter bike.

I am looking for a set of fairly narrow (300 - 400mm ish) bars, either bullhorn or drops but can't find any thick enough for my stem. Everything that has fit so far has been alloy and they just won't look right! I found a couple of sites selling Nitto's which I believe are bars for fixie track racing (?) but the diameter is too small.

So, the question is in the title.. does anyone know if I will ever succeed in my search and if so.. would they mind sharing their wisdom with me please?!


  • ride_whenever
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    I believe the ritchey classic bars:


    should fit and I believe they come down to around 400mm.
  • gilesjuk
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    Get 25.4mm bars and fit a clamp shim?
  • I think I like option 1. My googlng skills are letting me down cuz I never found these at all..!

    gilesjuk - if there were more pennies in my pocket, I might well of gone for that option cuz there are definitley a better range at that diameter but at the moment it would mean at least two more component purchases and I'm broke!

    Thank you people :D